Scandinavian Street Style To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Find out more Scandinavian Street Style Outfit Inspiration with a list of our go-to Scandinavians to follow.

When it comes to style, there’s something about Scandinavians that make fashion look flawless and effortlessly cool. Its the use of clean lines, feel for minimalism, sophisticated silhouettes, rich textures and fresh colours that makes Scandies so supreme. More than enough reasons to share a dose of Scandinavian Street Style outfit inspiration. From our go-to Scandies like Pernille Teisbaek and Hanna Mw to more underrated IG’ers like Fanny Ekstrand and Sylvie Mus: they can’t be missing in your daily feed. Read on for a few of our current favorite Scandinavian Influencers to follow.

Pernille Teisbaek

Scandinavian Street Style

For years, Pernille has been the go-to source for undisputed style inspiration. For those who don’t know her yet: Pernille is a stylist from Denmark, has worked as a fashion editor and is known for her less-is-more look. She wears basic pieces with unique items for a twist. Think of an oversized trench coat, a cardigan with long sleeves, a blouse with unexpected details. With these pieces of clothing she gives her outfits her own twist.

IG | @pernilleteisbaek


Darja Barannik

Scandinavian Street Style

If you love elegant and chic styles, Darja Barannik’s Instagram will be your place to go. She always brings a dose of chique-ness to her looks.

IG | @darjabarannik


Tine Andrea

Scandinavian Street Style

Iconic of her long blonde locks and black sunglasses, but mainly because of her quirky looks. She effortlessly mixes oversized dresses with suits, denim with bomber jackets and wide trousers with oversized coats. Seeing her outfits gave us a serious style crush.

IG | @tineandreaa


Emili Sindlev

Scandinavian Street Style

Whether dressed in bold colours and prints or cool street wear, Emili always serves up fresh Scandi-girl inspiration.

IG | @emilisindlev

Fanny Ekstrand

Scandinavian Street Style

If you’re looking to see how Scandi girls in Stockholm dress, take a glance at Fanny’s Instagram.

IG | @fannyekstrand


Hanna Mw

Scandinavian Street Style

Stylist Hanna Mw is always on the top on trends and new styling tricks. She thinks outside the box when it comes to experimenting with different kinds of styles and layers.

IG | @hannamw


Sylvie Mus

Scandinavian Street Style

Fans of classic minimalist style will want to follow Sylvie Mus.

IG | @sylviemus_


Anine Bing

Scandinavian Street Style

Anine Bing is one of the most famous fashion bloggers in Denmark. She started as a model, then grew into a blogger and then started her own fashion brand. In her outfits she mixes various timeless pieces into a edgy rock chic ensemble.

IG | @aninebing


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Karoline Dall

Scandinavian Street Style

This Copenhagen based lady loves prints and we spot them in colorful and airy looks. She always has a smile on her face, someone that makes you happy.

IG | @karodall


Sophia Roe

Scandinavian Street Style

Sophia’s style is chic and monochrome: the perfect inspiration for an timeless wardrobe.

IG | @sophiaroe


Jeanette Friis Madsen

Scandinavian Streetstyle

Copenhagen-based Jeanette is a model and fashion editor, and she always dressed well. Her style tip: mix and match different materials and colors for a unique twist to your outfit.

IG | @_jeanettemadsen_


Freja Wewer

Scandinavian Streetstyle

Freja’s style is based on chunky boots and black basics, but she loads up on chic strappy dresses and oversized tees too.

IG | @frejawewer



Scandinavian Streetstyle

Josefine is always sophisticated, heeled and keenly accessorised. She layers oversized pieces for an sleek and chic look and feel.

IG | @josefinehj


Elin Kling

Scandinavian Streetstyle

Elin Kling has mastered minimalist style like no other. She likes to combine classic with modern items for a casual look.

IG | @elinkling


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