How to dress like an Scandinavian

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We’re still trying to figure out the style secrets of Scandi girls and what makes them so cool and effortlessly chique. Maybe it’s there minimal approach, the unexpected color combinations or the way they make oversized pieces look so chic. If Scandies wear it, it always look stylish. We’ve selected key items Scandi it-girls mostly pick for their looks: from good staple basics to practical pieces and statement shoes. Maybe it’s not so hard to achieve the look of Scandies after all?

Good basics

Scandies prove that you should always believe in the power of basics. Items that you fall back on again and again. A good pair of jeans, white shirt, a simple t-shirt. Pieces that are indispensable in everyone’s wardrobe. Because of its comfort and practicality. Our tip: Invest in neutral pieces that you can combine well with each other. If you have the basics in order, you always have a good start for every outfit.


Statement piece

Simplicity is key, but an item in an statement color, a catchy print or a funny detail will give your outfit that personal touch. According to Scandinavian women, it’s all in details and contrast makes an outfit more interesting.



In Scandinavia they embrace this jacket like no other. Not only because of the comfortable aspect, but mainly because you are well prepared for a sporadic rain shower with a trench. The climate in Scandinavian countries is very cold and rainy. And with a good jacket you are well prepared for every drop.


Oversized blazer

Take note: ladies from the High North have a soft spot for the blazer. The usual shape is oversized and they also like cool prints and eye-popping colors.


Pointed shoes

Many a fashion lady wears a pointy shoe, scandies love it. From simple loafers to sassy heels with a stylish point. In any executable color or shape. Comfort is key here.


Simple jewelry

Small or extravagant with a striking detail here and there, but always simple. With eye-catching jewelry and accessories you create a Scandinavian style and gives an outfit more expression.

How to dress like an Scandinavia

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