Scandinavian clothing brands Top 10

We love Scandinavian clothing brands! Northern Europe clothing brands are known for their minimalistic style and casual look and feel. Simple items with striking details and made of good quality and beautiful fabrics – that are worth the splurge.

The brand that everybody knows is H&M. It’s a Scandinavian brand that everyone is familiar with. But besides H&M Scandinavia has way more great brands to offer. Such as Cheap Monday, Gestuz, VILA and Vero Moda. Luckily more webshops are start selling these brands with Scandinavian roots. That’s why we’ve selected our favorite brands and made our top 10 Scandinavian clothing brands list, check it out below!


Scandinavian clothing brands | Scandinavian labels are known for their minimalistic style, casual look and feel. Simplistic fashion items with striking details, made of beautiful fabrics and good quality that are worth the splurge.


Scandinavian clothing brands list top 10


Scandinavische merken top 10 Selected Femme

10. Selected Femme

Clean, ladylike and stylish that’s how you can describe Selected Femme. Are you looking for clothing that is made of beautiful materials with a luxurious look and feel? Then this Danish brand is definitely worth watching.


Scandinavische merken top 10 Object Collectors Item

9. Object

Object is known for it’s cool sophisticated Scandinavian fashion with unique details. Every collection is filled with good quality styles at affordable prices. Object clothing is versatile, feminine and with a special touch.


Scandinavische merken top 10 VILA Clothes


Vila want to make it possible for girls to dress amazingly and feminine without compromising style, quality, and the latest trends. From prints and bright colors to neutral tones and patterns.


Scandinavische merken top 10 Cheap Monday

7. Cheap Monday

This brand has become one of the most popular brands in Scandinavia. Cheap Monday’s collections are filled with quirky and comfortable clothing and everything is very affordable. Especially the jeans are very popular!


Scandinavische merken top 10 Vero Moda

6. Vero Moda

Vero Moda is a very popular brand in Europe. This by origin Danish clothing brand totally integrates in our shopping sprees and wardrobes. This brand is known for their fashionable collections and they have something different for every fashion taste. An ideal combination between on-trend and nicely priced.



Scandinavische merken top 10 Only

5. Only

Only started as an affordable jeans brand wich grew into fashionable and affordable clothing. Whether you are looking for an everyday outfit or dress for a night out, there is always something for everyone.


Scandinavische merken top 10 Ichi

4. Ichi

Ichi’s collections are known for their gotta-have-it factor. A fashionable brand that delivers beautiful items each season. Cute tops and dresses with lovely prints in pastel colors. A Scandinavian clothing brand that makes us happy!



Scandinavische merken top 10 MbyM

3. MbyM

Beautiful basics in simply every color you can imagine. Festive dresses and classy tops made of good material and quality. Are you fond of basic pieces with an urban chic twist? Then this is your brand!


Scandinavische merken top 10 Gestuz

2. Gestuz

Basic clothing with a touch of edgy-ness. Made for women who love casual and cool clothing at once. We are especially fan of the leather jackets.


Scandinavische merken top 10 Modstrom

1. Modström

Beautiful brand with Scandinavian roots. Stunning fashion pieces with feminine, edgy and an elegant touch. With six collections on yearly basis, Modström is always innovative.